Global Cyber Attacks: Severity, Growth, and a Call for Cybersecurity

HACK is an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that tracks a portfolio of companies providing cyber security solutions that include hardware, software and services.

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Access High-Growth Themes with 2x the Exposure

Our suite of 2x Daily Leveraged ETFs are structured to give short-term, magnified exposure to investors, offering the ability to navigate markets with ease of use.

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Give Your Cash Earning Potential

VALT is an institutional grade, user-friendly tool designed to manage allocations with the goal of delivering enhanced yield, risk-adjusted return and diversification.

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Get the Full Upside of Silver Without the Hassle

Our silver ETFs provide unique access to the silver mining and exploration industry, an asset class uncorrelated to most broad equity markets and can be used as a great method of diversification.

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