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Global Cyber Attacks: Severity, Growth, and a Call for Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity companies are the premier solution for cybersecurity threats that continue to grow in number and monetary severity. The workforce available today is not sufficiently trained for companies to hire security experts in-house, causing them to turn to leading cybersecurity providers as a solution to the ever-growing problem. These cybersecurity companies, available through HACK (NYSE… Read more »

Blockchain, NFTs, Cryptocurrency and the Metaverse

The Real Investment Opportunity Behind Blockchain, NFTs, Cryptocurrency and the Metaverse Thesis: Cyber security, mobile payments, video game technology, and global cloud computing will all be part of tomorrow’s global infrastructure and stand to benefit and outpace other market segments as adoption of Web3 technologies continues to grow. The opportunity is not blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFT’s… Read more »

Russia-Ukraine Conflict: The Time for Cyber Security is Now

As tensions soar amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict, many experts consider the threat of cyber attacks to be imminent. Cyber attacks on businesses and government agencies have noticeably climbed following Russia’s invasion. Critical infrastructure such as financial institutions, governments, and utilities are all potential targets, and spillover attacks against non-primary targets are expected to become increasingly… Read more »

A New Age for Cybersecurity

Large scale cyber-attacks (Equifax, Sony, Target, etc.) continue to represent one of the most significant threats to our society. The recent cyber-attacks on both SolarWinds and Microsoft illustrate how widespread the potential damage can be to both government and enterprise entities. Wedbush Technology Analyst, Dan Ives, who covers several companies found in the portfolio of… Read more »