Your Monthly Thematic Roundup: 2/2/21

Your Monthly Thematic Roundup: Vol. 01 | 2/2/21 Top 2020 performers and a “Cinderella Story” to start off the new year. #3: Israeli Tech ITEQ: +59.93%* in 2020 Clean Energy and Internet Software stocks were the two biggest drivers of ITEQ®‘s index. Mix in a new outlook on politics with “The Abraham Accords” in the… Read more »

ITEQ Commentary Q2 2019

ITEQ 2019 Q1 Commentary

Executive Summary Israel technology led the NASDAQ 100 in Q2 and continues to deliver a diversified exposure of broad technology themes: Renewable energy got a boost in Q2, accounting for nearly half (2.23%) of the fund’s 4.86% quarterly absolute return. This includes companies like Solar Edge (+65% in Q2) along with Enlight & Energix Renewal… Read more »

ITEQ Commentary Q1 2019

ITEQ 2019 Q1 Commentary

Executive Summary The biggest news in the Israel Technology space in Q1 2019 was the 12/31 announcement of Nvidia (NVDA)’s $6.9 billion acquisition of Mellanox Technologies (MLNX), designer of and developer of high-performance interconnected products. Rumors of the acquisition began circling late last year as Nvidia faced competition from Xilinx and Intel, who also expressed… Read more »