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Travel Sector’s “Shot in the Arm”

The travel sector, largely decimated in 2020 by the global pandemic, has gotten a proverbial “shot in the arm” so far in 2021 resulting from widespread COVID vaccinations. As of April 18th of this year, over half (50.4%) of the U.S. adult population had received at least one dose of a vaccine with close to… Read more »

Unprecedented Times Yield Extraordinary Innovations

Think back to the “space race” in the latter half of the 20th century. A plethora of new technologies were necessary in order to achieve the ultimate goal of putting a man in space. In the end, the world achieved this historic milestone, but the byproducts yielded from this monumental objective would have a lasting… Read more »

The Future of Gaming Has Arrived

Lockdown measures catapulted the U.S. video games market to record level spending in 20201 and thrust video gaming consoles into the center of hundreds of millions of family rooms across the globe. While this phenomenon was likely a direct beneficiary of the pandemic, a “pandemic-like” event has provided a tailwind to the secular growth trend… Read more »

Powered by AI

AIEQ is the first US Equity ETF to utilize AI (artificial intelligence) throughout its investment process. It was first-to-market with IBM Watson combining structured financial data and investment intel from social media platforms and other unstructured data sources, such as earnings calls and regulatory reports. Its unique ability to aggregate US investment data around the… Read more »

A New Age for Cybersecurity

Large scale cyber-attacks (Equifax, Sony, Target, etc.) continue to represent one of the most significant threats to our society. The recent cyber-attacks on both SolarWinds and Microsoft illustrate how widespread the potential damage can be to both government and enterprise entities. Wedbush Technology Analyst, Dan Ives, who covers several companies found in the portfolio of… Read more »

Recovery Mode

BDRY is the first and only freight futures ETP exclusively focused on dry bulk shipping. This segment of the global transport industry involves the movement of goods such as iron ore, coal, and grains. The effects of dry bulk shipping on the global economy are significant and can be felt in many ways. BDRY has… Read more »

Smart, Sustainable Investing

While not as new of a concept as many investors believe, environmental, social, and governance investing — also known as ESG investing — continues to gain traction in the investment world. In fact, a Morningstar report showed that ESG funds captured $51.1 billion of net new money from investors in 2020, a new record and… Read more »

Invest in the Travel Rebound

The Travel and Leisure market has been one of the most negatively affected markets over the past year, accounting for 39% of all jobs lost in the U.S. during COVID-19 shutdowns.1 In a short period of time, sporting events were cancelled, schools were closed, travel halted, the unemployment rate skyrocketed and those who were able… Read more »

2020 Silver Recap

SILJ: +33.46%* in 2020 Commodities were one of the only major asset classes that had not participated in the 11-year bull market leading up to 2020. Macro factors like record levels of government stimulus, artificially low yields, market volatility and a supply/demand imbalance are setting the stage for alternatives to equities and fixed income, like… Read more »

Your Monthly Thematic Roundup: 2/2/21

Your Monthly Thematic Roundup: Vol. 01 | 2/2/21 Top 2020 performers and a “Cinderella Story” to start off the new year. #3: Israeli Tech ITEQ: +59.93%* in 2020 Clean Energy and Internet Software stocks were the two biggest drivers of ITEQ®‘s index. Mix in a new outlook on politics with “The Abraham Accords” in the… Read more »