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Penny Arcade hits 15 year milestone for gaming conference series

Penny Arcade (PAX) started in 2004 in Bellevue, Washington born of a desire by webcomic authors Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik to hold a show exclusively for gaming. Today PAX events are held annually in Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia, and San Antonio in the United States; and Melbourne in Australia. The PAX West Labor Day weekend… Read more »

Investing in the cannabis ecosystem

On December 7th, 2018, Altria (NYSE: MO), one of the oldest and largest tobacco companies worldwide, announced their intent to purchase a $2.4 billion or 45% stake in Cannabis producer Cronos Group (Nasdaq: CRON) [1], thus opening the door for potentially greater investment in Cannabis by Big Tobacco.   This blockbuster deal came one year after… Read more »

How to invest in the esports revolution

16-year-old Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf from Pennsylvania celebrates winning the Fortnite World Cup1 Fortnite, the free-to-play, multi-faceted online video game, has taken the gaming world by storm since its debut in 2017.  Quite simply, Fortnite pits 100 empty-handed players against each other on a virtual island, as they battle to be the last person standing.  Originally… Read more »

MJ Commentary Q2 2019

Insights MJ Q1 2019 Commentary

Executive Summary The cannabis industry saw several notable developments during the second quarter of 2019. In April, the House Financial Services Committee voted to advance the Secure and Fair Enforcement(“SAFE”) Banking Act. If passed, the Act would effectively allow federally regulated banks to accept revenue from businesses profiting from the sales of cannabis. In the… Read more »

GAMR Commentary Q2 2019

Executive Summary The video game industry is poised for significant positive stimulation. This is primarily due to recently announced advancements in graphics and general processing semiconductors which will make practically every single computer sold a gaming computer. In turn, the number of people globally with the ability to play high quality games will increase, as… Read more »

IFLY Commentary Q2 2019

ETFMG Drone Economy Strategy ETF IFLY 2019 Q1 Commentary

Executive Summary Enterprise is adopting drone technology and having completed their proof of concept phase last year, is now bringing these programs in-house. While competition keeps unit prices relatively low, enterprise adoption is increasing the average buy of hardware and software. Government concern over security is leading to the development of new product lines and… Read more »

MJ Commentary Q1 2019

Executive Summary Regulatory Developments A vote to legalize recreational marijuana in New Jersey was called off after state lawmakers stated that they didn’t have enough votes to pass the new law. Nevertheless, top state politicians believe that a new vote could be scheduled before the state budget is set on June 30. In New Mexico,… Read more »

GAMR Commentary Q1 2019

ETFMG Video Game Tech ETF GAMR 2019 Q1 Commentary

Executive Summary The video game technology market is being setup for a major global expansion. Cloud gaming is the most revolutionary distribution technology since the DVD, and not only has the potential to increase the ranks of gamers by hundreds of millions of people but allows business models that were never possible or practical. These models… Read more »

IFLY Commentary Q1 2019

ETFMG Drone Economy Strategy ETF IFLY 2019 Q1 Commentary

Executive Summary The UAS Integration Pilot Project is progressing well. Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao and the Administration are actively promoting successes in urban drone delivery for medical supplies, as well as further applications in public services — one of the fastest growing verticals for the market. The comment period on two new laws regarding… Read more »