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2020 Predictions on data theft

2018 was a year with record-setting numbers in regard to data breaches and the exposure of consumer records. By mid-2019, numbers were on track to beat that. So, where does this lead us as we approach 2020? It’s not good. The truth is, data breaches are going to happen. So, it’s important to familiarize ourselves… Read more »

How data protection regulation is changing how companies operate

Twitter recently launched a new site, which will now serve as a hub for the company’s privacy and data protection efforts. The site, which is called the Twitter Privacy Center, will be the place where you can read information about announcements, security initiatives, and new privacy products. The site will also be used for communication… Read more »

Companies that stop cyber crimes are in high demand

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As cybercrimes continue to grow across the globe, there is a much bigger need for ways to deal with them. MarketsandMarkets has forecasted that the cybersecurity industry will grow from 2018’s $15.66 billion to more than $31 billion by 2023. For investors, there are a number of cybersecurity stocks that you can get through ETFs,… Read more »

Top signs you are about to be hacked

Have you ever been worried that you are going to get hacked? Here are some of the top signs to look out for: You Get Weird Phone Calls or Emails Hackers often use a number of approaches to contact their victims including phone and computer. For instance, you might get a call from someone claiming… Read more »

Signs your computer has a virus

What is a computer virus? Basically, it’s a program that you did not install onto your machine. It can spread itself from one computer to another, and it performs malicious actions. The first computer virus was introduced in 1971, and over time, they have gotten stronger and more damaging. One of the most malicious viruses… Read more »

5 cyberthreats and technologies that need to die

None of the cyber threats mentioned below are new; in fact, many of these tech maladies have been around and have persisted for decades. And while there are many ways to protect against these threats, they persist. This is a battle being fought 24/7/365 by good vs. evil. If you are paying attention, you’d know… Read more »