ETFMG Breakwave Sea Decarbonization Tech ETF (BSEA) provides investor access to a diversified set of global companies that develop technologies, manufacture equipment or provide services related to marine or ocean decarbonization.

Ocean Health: Did you know?

“By 2050 — just 28 years from now — the sea level along the Long Island Sound shoreline is projected to be 18 inches above today’s levels. By 2100 it could be as much as six and a half feet higher than current levels. Climate change-driven severe weather events, like intense hurricanes, are also projected to increase in frequency. What this all means for the densely populated coast… is that significant changes are on the way.”

-Tao Wu, Juliana Barrett. Coastal Land Use Management Methodologies under Pressure from Climate Change and Population Growth. 2022.


Portfolio News: Key Development

Wood Mckenzie estimates that offshore wind will account for nearly $120 billion in annual energy related investment spending by 2030 (6x growth from 2020 level), meaning suppliers and service companies catering to the sector stand to realize massive growth in the not-so-distant future. Nexans [France], a manufacturer and installer of subsea cables that connect offshore wind farms to land-based power grids recently won a significant contract to supply and install connections for the Empire Wind

Project off the New York/New Jersey coast – this comes just months after a similar contract announcement for another project in Connecticut/Rhode Island waters.

Nexans has been positioning itself for the offshore wind boom in the past few years, having built the first offshore cable manufacturing facility in the US, expanded its cable manufacturing facilities in Norway, and recently took delivery of a €225m cable laying vessel.

Other BSEA companies engaged in supplying technology and services to the offshore wind industry include: Cadeler [Norway], Siemens Energy [Germany], Aker Horizon [Norway], Technip Energies [France], Orsted [Denmark] and Great Lakes Dock and Dredge [USA].


Portfolio News: Significant Events

One of Aker Horizon’s [Norway] portfolio companies received approval to deploy its modular carbon capture technology to offshore oil & gas installations. CO2 emissions from oil & gas production accounted for 25% of Norway’s total emissions in 2021.

Royal Vopak [Netherlands] is in the process of preparing its Singapore and North Sea terminals to distribute ammonia for use as clean ship fuel. One of the greatest challenges to decarbonizing the ocean transportation industry is the availability and distribution of clean fuels, and Royal Vopak is providing a solution to this problem at two major shipping hubs.

Alfa Laval [Sweden] will be providing key equipment to the world’s largest green hydrogen plant, part of Saudi Arabia’s Neom project. A component of Neom is to convert the port of Duba into a regional shipping hub with a planned capacity of 9-million TEU, and the location’s proximity to the Suez Canal will make it an ideal location for ships to take on fuel.

Bloom Energy (USA) will be pairing its electrolyzers with nuclear offtake in the Great Lakes region to produce green hydrogen. Given the immense power needs to decarbonize the shipping industry, nuclear power is one of the most promising routes to achieve scale and the industry will be watching this project closely.


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